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ThermoChef - The Ultimate Cooking Appliance


ThermoChef is The Ultimate Cooking Appliance with over 10000 sold  to families across Australia.

In the single appliance you can:

  • Chop, Blend, Grate, Cook, Steam, Stir, Sautee, Juice, Weigh, Boil.
  • Hundreds of Recipes avialable
  • Loads of video recipes and how to guides
  • Live chat online support portal
  • Andriod and Iphone apps containing hundreds of recipes and video guides
  • Available at all leading retailers
  • RRP $795 Inc GST
Purchase from a wide range of retail outlets such as Myer, David Jones, House, Kitchenware House Direct and many more. Retail Store Locator

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ThermoChef Vs ThermoMix ®

The first question that most people ask is how does the ThermoChef compare to the ThermoMix ® .  Well to answer that properly please click on the image to the right to compare, but there are 3 main differences:

1) The ThermoMix ®  goes in reverse and ThermoChef doesn't

2) The ThermoChef Recommended Retail Price is $795

3)  You can buy the ThermoChef wherever you like.

Disclaimer: NW Kitchen Appliances Pty Ltd's use of the phrase Thermomix is solely for the purposes of comparative advertising and is not intended to indicate or imply an association with, sponsorship or approval of, Vorwerk BW and its THERMOMIX products howsoever. At the time of publishing this document, all statements and representations concerning the functionality, technical specications and recommended retail price of the Thermomix and Thermochef products were true and accurate.

ThermoChef Recipe Videos